Natsu Standings, Day 13

With 2 matches remaining, the picture is getting clearer:

Ozeki wins needed to avoid kadoban

Not an impressive performance by the Ozeki corps, to say the least! Mitakeumi and Takakeisho face off tomorrow; the loser joins Shodai as kadoban, while the winner has to win again on senshuraku to avoid making it a clean sweep.

  • Mitakeumi: 2
  • Shodai: will be kadoban in July
  • Takakeisho: 2

Wins needed to stay in san’yaku

  • Wakatakakage: will stay in san’yaku; needs one more win to stay Sekiwake
  • Abi: will stay in san’yaku; needs one more win to stay Sekiwake
  • Hoshoryu: 1
  • Daieisho: will be at least Komusubi in July; could force an extra Sekiwake slot with 11 wins

Frontrunners for san’yaku promotion

At most one slot may open (if we don’t end up with 3 Sekiwake), unless one of the contenders’ record is deemed strong enough to force an extra slot to be created.

  • Kiribayama
  • Takanosho

Wins needed to stay in Makuuchi

  • Ishiura: will be demoted
  • Kotokuzan: will be demoted
  • Kagayaki: will be demoted barring a miracle
  • Azumaryu: 2
  • Takarafuji: 1 (might be safe already)

Wins needed for promotion from Juryo

Three slots are open in Makuuchi, and one or two more could open.

  • Tsurugisho: will be promoted
  • Hidenoumi: will be promoted barring really bad luck
  • Ryuden: 1 (might have done enough already)
  • Chiyomaru: 1
  • Several others: 2

Wins needed to stay in Juryo

Currently, there are 5 promotable records in Makushita, so there will in all likelihood be a logjam, unless the maximum possible 5 slots open.

  • Shohozan: will be demoted
  • Chiyoarashi: must win out; could be demoted anyway
  • Daishomaru, Takakento, Kitanowaka: 2


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