Makushita Yusho and Promotion Races

We are nearing the conclusion of the Makushita yusho race. Six rounds of bouts have whittled down the 120 or so rikishi to 2 undefeated wrestlers with 6-0 records. They will face each other on Day 13 to give us our champion.

The favorite is Ms8e Oshoma, who bested Ms18 Tochiseryu. Oshoma is only in his 4th tournament, having started at Ms15TD in November and gone 18-9 in upper Makushita. If he can go 7-0, he will get fast-tracked to Juryo. His next opponent will be wily veteran Ms30 Kitaharima, who dealt newcomer M59e Kanzaki his first loss after 12 straight victories following his debut at Sd100TD in March.

It’s not yet clear how many promotion slots will be open in Juryo, but the likely number is 3-4. Oshoma would claim one with a win. So would Ms1e Chiyonoumi (3-3), the highest-ranked rikishi in Makushita. We already have 3 potentially promotable records in the Ms1-Ms5 promotion zone: Ms2e Hokuseiho (4-2), Ms3e Chiyosakae (4-2), and Ms4w Kinbozan (5-1), but all would have a stronger claim with another win. Ms1w Nishikawa (3-3) is likely but not certain to be promoted with a win. Also mathematically still in it are Ms4e Roga, Ms5e Kotoyusho, and Ms5w Kamito, all 3-3, but they would need losses by Oshoma, Chiyonoumi, and Nishikawa just for the chance to be at best 4th in the promotion queue.

2 thoughts on “Makushita Yusho and Promotion Races

  1. There’s quite the logjam of potential promotions. I don’t really have any favorites but I may lean toward Kinbozan, as he’s risen so quickly. Juryo has been chewing many of them up and spitting them right back into Makushita; I hope that whoever makes it will last for a while.


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