Natsu Standings, Day 9

With 6 matches remaining:

Ozeki wins needed to avoid kadoban

  • Mitakeumi: 4
  • Shodai: 5
  • Takakeisho: 3

Wins needed to stay in san’yaku

  • Wakatakakage: 4 to stay Sekiwake, 3 to stay in san’yaku
  • Abi: 3 to stay Sekiwake, 2 to stay in san’yaku
  • Hoshoryu: 2
  • Daieisho: 3

Frontrunners for san’yaku promotion

  • Kiribayama
  • Takanosho
  • Tamawashi
  • Kotonowaka

Wins needed to stay in Makuuchi

  • Ishiura: will be demoted
  • Kotokuzan: will be demoted barring a miracle
  • Kagayaki: 5
  • Several others: 1-2

Wins needed for promotion from Juryo

  • Tsurugisho, Chiyomaru, Hidenoumi, Ryuden: 3
  • Several others: 5 or more

Wins needed to stay in Juryo

  • Kitanowaka: will be demoted
  • Chiyoarashi, Daishomaru, Shohozan: 4
  • Kaisei, Churanoumi, Takakento, Bushozan: 3
  • Yago: 2
  • Several others: 1

3 thoughts on “Natsu Standings, Day 9

  1. My question is – how many for Takarafuji to hold on in the top division, would you estimate?

  2. Seeing Kaisei’s name in the ” Wins needed to stay in Juryo” hitted me like a wall of brick.

    It feel like litteraly yesterday again ours dear sunny orange bubbly and always smilling mawashi wearer was toying up and down in the middle of the Maegashira rank.

    Maaaan…..where the times has gone off to. O.o


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