Natsu Standings, Day 8

With 8 days in the books and 7 to go, let’s take a first look at where things stand. I won’t try to handicap the yusho race yet; Bruce has covered the current free-for-all already.

Ozeki wins needed to avoid kadoban

  • Mitakeumi: 4
  • Shodai: 6
  • Takakeisho: 3

Wins needed to stay in san’yaku

  • Wakatakakage: 5 to stay Sekiwake, 4 to stay in san’yaku
  • Abi: 3 to stay Sekiwake, 2 to stay in san’yaku
  • Hoshoryu: 3
  • Daieisho: 3

Frontrunners for san’yaku promotion

  • Tamawashi
  • Kiribayama
  • Takanosho

Wins needed to stay in Makuuchi

  • Ishiura: will be demoted
  • Kotokuzan: 7
  • Kagayaki: 5
  • Midorifuji, Yutakayama, Oho, Azumaryu, Takarafuji: 3
  • Meisei: 2
  • Several others: 1

Wins needed for promotion from Juryo

  • Tsurugisho, Chiyomaru, Ryuden: 3
  • Hidenoumi: 4
  • Several others: 5 or more

Wins needed to stay in Juryo

  • Kitanowaka: will be demoted
  • Chiyoarashi: 5
  • Daishomaru, Takakento, Shohozan: 4
  • Several others: 1-3

9 thoughts on “Natsu Standings, Day 8

  1. I was wondering when we were going to get an “earth shaking” shift to the banzuke. I think we might have finally run into it.

    • Not sure exactly what you mean; I think we’ll end up with the usual 3-4 exchanges between the top two divisions.

  2. Ozeki should (according to me) be required to maintain at least a winning record over three tournaments. So less than 24 wins over three tournaments should be a criteria for demotion. In that case, Shodai would have to put together at least 9 wins this time, not just 8 to squeak by. That shouldn’t be too much to ask. Actually over the entire time he has been Ozeki (9 tournaments), Shodai has less than 8 wins as an average.

        • The other 3 are Harumafuji and Kakuryu, who got promoted to Yokozuna, and Mitakeumi, who is only in his second basho. Takakeisho hasn’t hit the standard once in over a year and won’t after this basho, since he would have had to go 15-0.

          • Thanks for the insights! I have only been following Sumo since 2020, so I do not have the vast historical wisdom that you guys have. So basically what you are saying is that despite the “expectation” for Ozeki to rack up double digit wins, there never has been a strong Ozeki corps over at least 10 years – the few very best become Yokozuna and the rest tumble down the banzuke.

            • Not quite—some had solid ozeki careers but didn’t routinely post double-digit wins and wouldn’t have met your proposed standard. Goeido and Kotoshogiku each held the rank for over 5 years (10th and 11th on the all-time list) and won famous yusho, and the Ozeki corps in the 2012-2017 period felt like a worthy group. But the ones who can consistently win 10+ become Yokozuna.

          • If you extend your query, you can see that Harumafuji had a not-so-ozeki-level streak between July 2011 and May 2011.
            Kakuryu on the other has always been a consistent Ozeki.


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