Natsu 2022: Jonokuchi Match Day 3 + 4

Match Day 3

Kazekeno is Takekaze’s recruit, doing quite well in Jonokuchi and aspires to become sekitori like heyamate, Yago. Don’t get caught out by the romaji transliteration of his shikona. It’s pronounced KAZE-KEN-Ō, not KAZE-KE-NO. For those who read hiragana, it’s かぜけんおう. English speakers are not the only ones who stumble over these unfamiliar shikona, so the Kyokai’s use of hiragana on their profile pages is very helpful.

His Match Day 3 opponent was Arise from Tokitsukaze beya. He used his 50kg weigh advantage and an effective nodowa to force Arise back to the straw bales. Arise’s center of balance was far too forward, so rather than attempt to drive forward, Kazekeno pulled Arise down.

80kg Yamato charged out low and forcefully to attempt to wrangle Sato. After their solid tachiai, Yamato dove low, trying to wrap of Sato’s leg…probably going for a Ura-like ashitori. Sato established his grip on Yamato’s belt and dropped back, the combined momentum forcing both out at the same time. Naruto oyakata and the other shimpan decided they needed a re-do. This time, Yamato heaved Sato up onto his shoulders, jerked back, and dropped Sato for a wild tasukizori.

I’ve got the video of both bouts here, followed by the Day 4 match-up of both winners, described below.

Match Day 4

Kazekeno’s nakabi opponent is Watanabe, one of several solid recruits in Nishonoseki beya, along with the twins, Hayashiryu and Rinko, as well as Sato. On Day 3, Watanabe had quickly bounced the smaller Wakasa over the tawara but faced a much stiffer challenge here. However, he swiftly dispatched Watanabe with a strong oshidashi win.

Afterwards, Yamato faced Tanaka from Sakaigawa-beya. Tanaka demonstrated excellent strength and technique against a larger opponent in Wakamiyabi. That straight-forward yorikiri was anything but easy. In a reverse of roles, though, he had the size advantage against Yamato but that doesn’t make the challenge any less intense. Both fought fiercely but Yamato’s skills are undeniable. He won with oshitaoshi.

With victories by Yamato and Kazekeno, I hope we’ll see the two matched up together on Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Natsu 2022: Jonokuchi Match Day 3 + 4

  1. Amazing move in the video, I don’t know the name of the rikishi.
    What is the name of that kimirate? Any idea?

  2. I always enjoy these posts, Andy! Thanks so much for highlighting the lower divisions!

  3. That Yamato is one skillful string bean! Cool to watch, I hope he rises uninjured up to higher ranks soon!.


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