Natsu 2022: Jonokuchi Match Day 2

Jonokuchi Match Day 2 featured a handful of good bouts. First up, we’ve got Tanji. I spoke highly of him yesterday, saying I thought he’d go deep in the yusho race. Effective jinx as he lost today to Sato…in spectacularly uncomfortable fashion. Fantastic throw! Next up, we’ve got Noguchi and Tanaka. As they jostle in the center of the ring, Tanaka deftly wraps his leg around Noguchi’s right and falls forward. Beautiful move. Then we’ve got Hayashiryu taking on Arise. We’ll add a little bit of pressure to Hayashiryu by making him fight directly in front of his oyakata. Of course Arise overpowers the youngster almost tossing him into Nishonoseki’s lap. I guess it could have been worse if he had landed ON Kisenosato…

I’ve included the maezumo bouts again, and there are several great bouts in here. I really liked the Yamada battle but Imazeki really got a workout. I feel the Jonokuchi AND Jonidan yusho races will be tight over the next few basho.


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