Tachiai Natsu Basho (Video) Podcast – Part 2

Those of you who watched part 1 knew that the “regrettable predictions” portion of our podcast was coming. Well, this time Andy’s prediction is not completely outrageous, but Bruce’s forecast of good things for Shodai might take some by surprise. We heaped that nugget of joy on top of our 25 minutes of genki report goodness, and a preview of some of the most expected day 1 and day 2 matches.

Sadly, we did not know that Ichinojo was COVID kyujo when we recorded this, so do forgive our lack of knowledge.

One thought on “Tachiai Natsu Basho (Video) Podcast – Part 2

  1. Perhaps “Wall of Mochi”? (though that may be more fitting for Ichinojo than Mitakeumi)


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