Tachiai Natsu Basho Podcast – Sumo News and Topics

Some have asked – where has the Tachiai podcast gone to? Did it get stuck under the couch? Did you guys suddenly recognize you have a faces for radio and voices for calling in the cattle at sunset? Or did you find something else to do with your time? Yes, yes and yes to all! But after giving the sumo fandom a break from our ramblings, we are back to soak up 20 minutes of your life.

Andy and Bruce discuss a variety of topics leading up to the Natsu basho, including

  • Kisenosato’s Okamisan
  • Wakatakakage’s Yusho
  • Shin Ozeki Mitakeumi 
  • Takayasu’s Almost Yusho 
  • What the hell happened to Meisei?
  • Kiribayama Continues To Improve

3 thoughts on “Tachiai Natsu Basho Podcast – Sumo News and Topics

  1. Thank you Bruce and Andy! The videos were missed. I do want to tell you one thing: I can say Wakatakakage almost as fast as Raj. I swear this is true.


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