Haru 2022: Jonokuchi Yusho

After two long weeks of grueling bouts, Wakatakakage lifted the Emperor’s Cup for the first time in dramatic fashion. However, that was merely one of several championships decided on senshuraku. Here we turn our eyes to the future of Ozumo where down in the lowest division, Kototebakari, on the left in the video below, claimed the yusho in his debut tournament. His opponent was his stablemate, Kotokenryu, lined up on the right.

Both men locked in immediately on their opponent’s mawashi. Tebakari missed with his right hand but wrapped up Kotokenryu’s left arm under the armpit. He couldn’t find the leverage necessary to execute a throw but his opponent’s lapse in concentration allowed him to switch grips to his belt. From there, the bout was all Kototebakari as he advanced for a strong yorikiri force-out.

I would feel a bit remiss to exclude another successful debutant in Kanzaki, who won the yusho in the third division. His success at Asanoyama’s alma mater afforded him privileged entry in sandanme, debuting at the same rank that Asanoyama did but in Goeido’s Takekuma beya. Also, you may recognize Kotetsu from our coverage of the Jonokuchi yusho race in January. He lost on Day 2 to Nakashima, the eventual yusho winner. This weekend, he won the Jonidan yusho and is on his way back to Sandanme. Then there’s a couple other winners, Kinbozan, who won his debut yusho a few months ago…and then some other bloke named Ryuden.

4 thoughts on “Haru 2022: Jonokuchi Yusho

  1. Lol. so I was wondering how on earth someone would chose the name Kototebakari again, but after checking sumodb it seems that he is related to Kotoshoho. Brothers?


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