Promotion/Demotion Picture, Day 14

He did it!

Yusho Race

Three men are still in the race on the final day: Wakatakakage and Takayasu, both 12-2, and Kotonowaka (11-3). A win by one of the leaders would give him the yusho if combined with a loss by the other; any other outcome sends them to a playoff, which could be joined by Kotonowaka if he wins and both leaders lose.


O2w Mitakeumi has his 10 wins in his debut at the rank. O1e Shodai (8-6) and O1w Takakeisho (8-6) have cleared kadoban, so all three Ozeki will be fighting at Natsu with a clear slate.


S1e Wakatakakage (12-2) will continue at his current rank (and aim higher). S1w Abi (7-7) needs to beat Takayasu on senshuraku to hold rank, but can fall no lower than Komusubi.


K1e Takanosho (4-10) will be fighting in the maegashira ranks in May. K1w Hoshoryu (7-7) needs to beat Kotonowaka on senshuraku to out avoid joining him.

So we’ll have either one or two open san’yaku slots, one of which could be at Sekiwake. The contenders are M7e Takayasu (12-2), M2e Ichinojo (9-5), M6w Kotonowaka (11-3), M4e Kiribayama (9-5), M2w Tamawashi (7-7), and M1e Daieisho (7-7), who must win but would jump to the head of the queue with a kachi-koshi by virtue of his status as the top maegashira. Depending on how the final day plays out, extra Komusubi slots may be in play. I’ll try to sort out how this is likely to shake out in my wrap-up post tomorrow or Monday.

Makuuchi/Juryo Exchanges

Going down for certain: Akua.

Needs a win and banzuke luck to stay up: Kagayaki.

Need one win for safety: Ichiyamamoto, Chiyonokuni, Chiyomaru, Kotokuzan. Everyone else should be safe.

Coming up: Oho, Azumaryu.

Chance of promotion: Midorifuji, Hidenoumi, Mitoryu. I don’t think Ryuden or Kitanowaka would go up even with wins, regardless of how the incumbents perform.

7 thoughts on “Promotion/Demotion Picture, Day 14

  1. “So we’ll have either one or two open san’uaku” Y and U are right next to each other. Great analysis as always!

    • He should end up near the top of juryo, with the exact rank dependent on how tomorrow’s bout go, so a good performance in May should see him in Makuuchi in July.

  2. it is very possible that in the near future we will have 4 ozeki again…wakataka has proven that his sumo is not 1 dimensional or a flash in the pan…great technique and will love to watch him rise in rank…at least 12 wins this basho..only needs 21 more over the next two…which he would do with a minimum 10 win and 11 win over the next two…great times for sumo! and i’ve never EVER routed for gerbil…but i am on day 15….

  3. ma boule de cristal…
    Ke Hoshoryu
    Kw Daieisho
    M1e Takayasu
    M1w Ichinojo
    M2e Kiribayama
    M2w Kotonowaka
    M3e Hokutofuji
    M3w Endo
    M4e Tamawashi
    M4w Onosho
    M5e Tobizaru
    M5w Wakamotoharu
    M6e Takanosho
    M6w Takarafuji
    M7e Ura
    M7w Shimanoumi
    M8e Kotoeko
    M8w Terutsuyoshi
    M9e Kotoshoho
    M9w Tochinoshin
    M10e Nishikigi
    M10w Aoiyama
    M11e Myogiryu
    M11w Okinoumi
    M12e Chiyoshoma
    M12w Sadanoumi
    M13e Chiyotairyu
    M13w Meisei
    M14e Ishiura
    M14w Yutakayama
    M15e Ichiyamamoto
    M15w Oho
    M16e Azumaryu
    M16w Midorifuji
    M17e Kotokuzan
    M17w Kagayaki
    J1e Chiyomaru
    J1w Chiyonokuni
    J2e Hidenoumi
    J2w Mitoryu
    J3e Ryuden
    J3w Tsurugisho
    J4e Kitanowaka
    J4w Daishoho
    J5e Tohakuryu
    J5w Akua
    J6e Daiamami
    J6w Nishikifuji
    J7e Enho
    J7w Yago
    J8e Tokushoryu
    J8w Asanowaka
    J9e Kaisho
    J9w Kaisei
    J10e Shimazuumi
    J10w Bushozan
    J11e Hiradoumi
    J11w Shohozan
    J12e Daishomaru
    J12w Atamifuji
    J13e Chiyoarashi
    J13w Tochimaru
    J14e Chiyonoumi
    J14w Takakento


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