Promotion/Demotion Picture, Day 12

Yusho Race

The key Day 12 bouts are :

  • Wakatakakage (11-1) vs. Mitakeumi (9-3)
  • Shodai (7-5) vs. Kotonowaka (9-3)
  • Takayasu (11-1) vs. Takakeisho (8-4)

The two leaders have a two-win cushion with 3 days to go; a victory by either would all but eliminate all others from contention. Losses by both would still leave them in the lead, but bring Mitakeumi, and possibly Kotonowaka, into closer contention. Technically, five four-loss rikishi are still in the race at the moment.


O2w Mitakeumi has his 8 wins in his debut at the rank. O1w Takakeisho (8-4) has cleared kadoban. O1e Shodai (7-5) has staged a remarkable fightback and needs one more win to avoid dropping to:


S1e Wakatakakage (11-1) will continue at his current rank (and aim higher). S1w Abi (6-6) has dropped his last four bouts and still needs two wins to hold rank, and one to limit his fall to:


K1e Takanosho (2-9) will be fighting in the maegashira ranks in May. K1w Hoshoryu (6-6) needs to win two of his remaining three bouts to avoid joining him.

The leading candidates to claim the 1-3 san’yaku slots that could be available are M7e Takayasu (11-1), M2e Ichinojo (8-4), M4e Kiribayama (8-4), and M6w Kotonowaka (9-3). In with a chance are M2w Tamawashi (6-6), M4w Endo (7-5), and M1e Daieisho (5-7), who must win out but would jump to the head of the queue with a kachi-koshi by virtue of his status as the top maegashira.

Makuuchi/Juryo Exchanges

Has a demotable record and needs banuke luck to save him: Akua.

In deep trouble unless they win out: Ichiyamamoto, Kagayaki.

Still needs two wins for safety: Chiyomaru.

Need one win for safety: Ishiura, Chiyonokuni, Kotokuzan.

Coming up, assuming two slots open: Oho, Azumaryu.

Chance of promotion: Midorifuji, Mitoryu, Tsurugisho, Hidenoumi.


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