Promotion/Demotion Picture, Day 10

It’s time for a first look at how the named ranks may change after this basho, as well as who might be leaving and joining the top division.


O2w Mitakeumi has his 8 wins in his debut at the rank. O1w Takakeisho (7-3) needs one more win to clear kadoban. O1e Shodai (5-5) needs to go 3-2 or better the rest of the way to avoid dropping to:


S1e Wakatakakage (9-1) will continue at his current rank. S1w Abi (6-4) needs two wins to hold rank, and one to limit his fall to:


K1e Takanosho (2-8) will be fighting in the maegashira ranks in May. K1w Hoshoryu (4-6) needs a finish of 4-1 or better to avoid joining him.

The leading candidates to claim the 1-3 san’yaku slots that could be available are M7e Takayasu (10-0), M6w Kotonowaka (9-1), M2e Ichinojo (6-4), M4e Kiribayama (7-3), and M1e Daieisho (5-5), who would jump to the head of the queue with a kachi-koshi by virtue of his status as the top maegashira. The only other realistic contender is M4w Endo (6-4).

Makuuchi/Juryo Exchanges

Almost certainly going down: Chiyonokuni.

In deep trouble: Ichiyamamoto, Akua, Kagayaki.

Still need more than one win: Kotokuzan, Chiyomaru.

Coming up: Oho.

Excellent shot at promotion: Azumaryu.

Fair shot at promotion: Midorifuji, Mitoryu.

Could earn promotion with a very strong finish: Hidenoumi, Kitanowaka, Tsurugisho, Kaisei.

4 thoughts on “Promotion/Demotion Picture, Day 10

  1. How many wins do you think Mitoryu&Midorifuji will need? I think at least 11, unless the demotion candidates lose out so to speak.

    • Agree; 11 is the minimum for properly promotable records. So they need to go 3-2 or better, which is what I labelled “fair chance”


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