Haru 2022: Jonokuchi Match Day 5

We’ve got a very quick Jonokuchi update today, and no video because there wasn’t much change in the yusho race. The big players are all making their mark by fighting everyone but themselves! This Match Day featured several bouts between yusho contenders and outclassed competition. The Sadogatake-beya-based leaders both moved up to Jonidan to fight undefeated opponents and whooped them. Kototebakari, below, engaged Asanotosa in some quick butsukari-geiko while Kotokenryu brushed off his challenge from Sawada to stay unbeaten.

The chase group demonstrated similar dominance. Daiseizan rather politely and gently disposed of Daitenshin, while Wakanosho forcefully ejected Kirinohana from the dohyo, and Mihonoumi ushered Yoshinofuji over the bales. All three victors picked up their kachi-koshi, securing promotion to Jonidan, and remaining dark horses in this yusho race.


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