Haru 2022: Jonokuchi Match Day 4

Coming into Match Day 4, there were three undefeated wrestlers in Jonokuchi: two from Sadogatake beya, and Musashigawa-beya’s Mihonoumi. Despite Mihonoumi being the higher ranked wrestler, Kototebakari was chosen to fight in Jonidan against Ojiyama while Mihonoumi stayed in Jonokuchi to fought against Kotokenryu.

First up in the video, we get Kototebakari’s bout with Ojiyama, and then Kotokenryu vs Mihonoumi. Ojiyama put in a valiant effort but Kototebakari was too strong. As soon as they locked horns, both men wrapped up the mawashi but Kototebakari forced Ojiyama back to the straw bales quickly. Ojiyama tried to resist but was finally forced over the edge.

Kotosenryu completely immobilized Mihonoumi’s arms and backed him to the bales. If he’d gotten him out this way, this would be a kimedashi that we see frequently from Terunofuji. Instead, he gave him a push over the bales (and over the side) for an oshidashi. So both Sadogatake men pick up their kachi-koshi and remain undefeated. However, since they can’t fight each other, their next bouts will be against those with one loss.

Among the one-loss cohort, the best fight of the night was Kirinohana against Yoshinofuji. Kirinohana nearly took the fight a couple of times, including a near uwatenage, but Yoshinofuji survived a tight, thrilling grapple. Daiseizan slung Hanafusa out of the running and demonstrated his developing power by wrenching him clear across the ring and then forcing him over the edge. Sokokurai’s nephew remains in contention. Tonight he will face Daitenshin which is a bit of a mismatch. I presume the Kyokai plan to pit him against the Sadogatake boys on Day 6 and 7 to close out the tournament?

Meanwhile, Wakanosho outclassed Takatsukasa and remains one loss back. Kotokenryu will move up to fight undefeated Sawada in Jonidan, so I hope Wakanosho will fight Kototebakari the next night but we shall see what the Kyokai has in store for us tomorrow. It’s quite a thrilling race with a pack of several contenders. That little wrinkle of the Sadogatake boys running things is probably giving the schedulers a bit of heartburn with those early upsets, particularly Wakanosho falling to Hanafusa.

2 thoughts on “Haru 2022: Jonokuchi Match Day 4

  1. Excellent job by Yoshinofuji to keep his opponent on the dohyo after his win. More of that from rikishi in general, please.


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