Haru 2022: Jonokuchi Match Day 3

My apologies for bringing you an abbreviated, and late, Match Day 3 summary. I was at a school event so, unfortunately, it couldn’t be helped. The sad thing is, there wasn’t a whole lot of action worthy of the term, “highlight” either.

In today’s video I’ve got one Jonokuchi bout for the yusho race, the one between Hanafusa and Kotokenryu. Kotokenryu is a Sadogatake stablemate of Kototebakari, thus those two will not face each other during regulation. With this nice win over Hanafusa, he jumps into the yusho picture. Kotokenryu had not faced very stiff competition in previous match days so this was his first real action.

In the other yusho bouts, Kototebakari steamrolled his opponent, Shishimaru. And Mihonoumi improved to 3-0 against the steadily improving Daitenshin, who looks good to escape Jonidan in this, his fifth basho.

Among the one-loss chase group, Daiseizan shoved the much lighter Matsuzawa clear off the dohyo while Wakanosho got in a lot of tsuppari practice against Satsumasho. With an odd number of 3-0 wrestlers in the lower divisions, Mihonoumi will likely face an undefeated wrestler from Jonidan.

As I mentioned, the video has the Hanafusa/Kotokenryu bout and I also included a couple of Match Day 3 bouts from wrestlers who had been mentioned here when they were in Jonokuchi. Raiho faced off against Shunrai while Shikihide’s Mogamizakura looks to move on up from Jonidan.


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