Mitakeumi Promoted To Ozeki

In a ceremony Wednesday morning, representatives from the NSK officially announced that Mitakeumi had been promoted to Ozeki, sumo’s second highest rank. The ceremony featured Mitakeumi, along with Dewanoumi oyakata and okamisan in a deep bow, as Mitakeumi accepted the promotion.

Mitakeumi becomes the third active Ozeki in the current rotation, and punctuated his bid with a 13-2 yusho (his third) on top of a run of 7 straight kachi-koshi basho in san-yaku. He had been trying to reach Ozeki since (I think) 2017, and each time fell just short of the goal. But he never gave up, and never lost his drive

Team Tachiai congratulations Mitakeumi on his promotion, and hopes he serves long and well. Some media below of the proceedings.

Full video here

16 thoughts on “Mitakeumi Promoted To Ozeki

  1. Thankfully, one Haru basho storyline consigned to the rubbish bin: “what happens if there are no Ozeki?”

  2. So so pleased for Mitakeumi!
    (But I guess perhaps one can no longer call Takakeisho the ‘King Tadpole’ as Mitakeumi now has equal claim to the throne?)

  3. When I started watching sumo, two rikishi stood out from the rest as likely future Ozeki: Takayasu and Mitakeumi. So happy he finally made it!

    • Very happy for his well deserved promotion.
      I am wondering how the sanyaku ranks will take shape. Especially the Komusubi rank, as there are many contenders for it. Is there a chance that they create an extra Komusubi slot?

  4. Very pleased for him. Have always thought that he’s an intelligent and thoughtful guy – he has a Law Degree and chose sumo over a job as a lawyer he’d been offered in Wakayama prefecture. I assume he is the type who analyzes things a little too much to the extent that it can be detrimental to his performances – I think he gave a clue towards that in the yusho interview when he was saying how hard it is to get through the 15 days mentally – more of an issue for the Mitakeumis, Yutakayamas and Enhos of the sumo world than say the happy-go-lucky Abi or a tower of self confidence like Hakuho. It’s nice to see someone who seems to be a “thinker” overcome his worries to succeed in sumo and I hope he’ll do well at the next level.

  5. Can’t believe this finally happened! I have a feeling he will be the better Ozeki for some time to come.

  6. This is great to see. However, the next question becomes, can he put together a rope run? I think he should be a good ozeki. I also think he might be the next one to make the step up. Time will tell.

  7. Mitakeumi, with all your university and amateur championships, I thought you’d get here much sooner!!


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