Makushita Match Day 7: Surprise!

Former Komusubi Ms5 Ryuden‘s march toward a second-straight Makushita yusho was interrupted by former collegiate star Ms35 Nishikawa (7-0), who won their championship-deciding bout. After debuting at Sd100 in March, Nishikawa was on a rapidly rising trajectory before being derailed by an injury in Kyushu. It looks like he is back on track, and should be ranked in the Makushita promotion zone (Ms1-Ms5) in Osaka, where a good record could lead to a sekitori debut in May.

Despite his loss, Ms5e Ryuden (6-1) should still be promoted to Juryo. Joining him there will be Ms2w Shimazuumi (4-2) and Ms3e Takakento (4-3). That accounts for the 3 slots open due to the absences of Asanoyama, Chiyonoo, and Shiden.

J13 Chiyoarashi (4-9) has staged a bit of a rally, but still needs two wins and some banzuke luck to stay. Tomorrow, he is up against Ms4w Tochimaru (4-2); a loss will send Chiyoarashi down for sure, while a win may or may not earn Tochimaru a promotion depending on other results, and a loss won’t necessarily eliminate him from contention.

Key to this picture are the other two crossover bouts. Ms1w Atamifuji (3-3) will be in Juryo with a win, but eliminated with a loss. He takes on J13 Kotoyusho (6-7), who still needs another win for safety. And the other demotion candidate, J14 Hiradoumi (6-7) fights Shimazuumi. Finally, Ms4e Kairyu (3-3), who must win and hope for losses by others, is not on the torikumi tomorrow and is probably looking at a potential exchange bout on Day 15. I should note that there is one other potentially endangered incumbent: J11 Hakuyozan (5-8).

3 thoughts on “Makushita Match Day 7: Surprise!

  1. Really nice to see Shimazuumi going up in the basho in which his recruiting shisho (having already passed the stable and his name to others) reached the mandatory retirement age (although he will continue as consultant). You often hear of stories of a rikishi trying to do well (famously Asanoyama trying to become Yokozuna in time for the retirement of moto-Asashio…. whoops!) for his stablemaster’s final hurrah


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