Makushita Match Day 6: And Then There Were Two

Former Komusubi Ms5 Ryuden (6-0) continued his march toward a second-straight Makushita yusho with a second-straight victory over Ms30 Akiseyama (5-1). Only one man still stands in his way: former collegiate star Ms35 Nishikawa (6-0).

At least 4 slots should be open in Juryo due to the absences of Asanoyama, Chiyonoo, and Shiden, and the all-but-certain demotion of J13 Chiyoarashi (2-9). One will go to Ryuden. Ms2w Shimazuumi (4-2) clinched a salaried debut by blowing away J13 Kotoyusho; he can finish no worse than 3rd in the promotion queue. Ms3e Takakento (3-3) will have his fate decided tomorrow when he visits Juryo to take on Hiradoumi. Ms1w Atamifuji (3-3) will be first or second in line with a win, but eliminated with a loss. Ms4w Tochimaru (4-2) probably needs help from others, although a win would go a long way to help his chances, while Ms4e Kairyu (3-3) must win and hope for losses by others. If none of Atamifuji, Takakento and Kairyu finish with a winning record, a promotion may happen from below the “invisible line” separating Ms1-Ms5 from the lower Makushita ranks.

3 thoughts on “Makushita Match Day 6: And Then There Were Two

  1. With Mitoryu being winless at J7e I’d say we have a very good likelihood of 5 open slots unless Chiyoarashi can win all of his remining matches and get some banzuki luck.


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