Ozeki Takakeisho Withdraws from Hatsu

News has broken that East Ozeki Takakeisho has gone kyujo, with M1 Kiribayama set to get the fusen win on Day 4. The cause is said to be a right ankle ligament injury, requiring 2 weeks rest. The Ozeki looked good in his opening bout, but dropped the next two, including the Day 3 bout against M2 Ura when the injury may have occurred. More details as they becomes available.

8 thoughts on “Ozeki Takakeisho Withdraws from Hatsu

  1. I rewatched the bout with Ura, and in the first battle when they are both crashing out you can see Takakeisho roll his ankle. This would explain the quick takedown in the rematch.

  2. To me that leaves only Mitakeumi who could challenge Teru this time around and we all know how he usually does in week 2…

  3. He looked awful yesterday – completely gassed. Is he too heavy to support his own joints again?

  4. Unfortunately, “Takakeisho goes kyujo” isn’t really a shock any more, is it? It’s an annual occurrence. I’ve seen people say he’s too heavy, I don’t think we can know that, but something isn’t right.

  5. Keisho seems a bit too injury prone. I think he has to re-examine his approach to the game – if he wants to have a long, successful career.


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