The Pride of Yokozuna: Hakuho’s Lone Battle

The Documentary is on now and is a fascinating look at Hakuho, his career, and his retirement. It mentions how he, as Yokozuna, becomes the lightning rod during controversy. The crowd at Nagoya in 2010 is chanting his name. Chills.

There will be more opportunities to watch. The link above has it in Japan time.

4 thoughts on “The Pride of Yokozuna: Hakuho’s Lone Battle

  1. Was watching it while I was recording, found it interesting. Will watch it again later with my sister.

    I wish they would have spent a bit more time on his early career, but with only 55 minutes, they had to stick to the more recent time.

    I hope he has a long career as a coach. I think he has a lot to teach young rikishi.

    • There’s another one in Japanese next week. It will be interesting what it focuses on since this targeted an English-speaking audience. I doubt this will be the last one they put out. Now he seems more free and more willing to speak to the media. He’s no longer the lightning rod.

  2. thank you for this. it’s scheduled to start soon so i’ll be watching and will also set reminder for next week… should be very interesting… i always remember the programme that was done with an american (i think) mixed martial artist and they measured H’s strength, and all sorts of things… and it was proven this lower body strength was second to none. he was fairly young in it… it’s buried on youtube somewhere i think.

  3. If download links are allowed, I can provide a link to the show for anyone who are interested in the show. And I’m assuming it is probably almost eveyone who visits this site. (^-^)


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