Hatsu 2022 Juryo Promotions Announced

The Kyokai announced that there are three new Juryo debutants and one wrestler making his return to Sekitori status. Kotoyusho, Shiba, and Kitanowaka are being promoted for the first time. Shiba is changing his shikona to Shiden to mark the occasion. Chiyoarashi is being repromoted after an *eight year* absence. Congratulations to all of the new sekitori!

6 thoughts on “Hatsu 2022 Juryo Promotions Announced

  1. Hmmm…..so is Hiradoumi being dropped for going 7-7-1 from a position too far down the Juryo banzuke? Or is Yago’s mid-Juryo 5-10 record being punished? Neither seems like a great decision, but it could also be from opening up a new slot in Makuuchi to even out the numbers. That could mean Kaisei is safe, or that Oho doesn’t go up. So many possibilities!

    • Neither. The juryo demotions clearly are Kyokutaisei, Hokuseiho, and Kyokushuho. The 4th slot was created by Hakuho’s retirement. So no surprises there!

  2. Has there been any news about Hokuseiho’s injury. Hope it’s not serious. (I’m assuming injury, but don’t know)

    • I’ve been keeping an eye out. Nothing new that I have seen other than him hanging out with the rest of the stable when Asashoryu visited.

  3. Just been scanning the stats on Chiyoarashi …Holy Jeezus..Debuted in ,07 and has been bouncing between San and mid Juyro…Talk about a workhorse Rikishi…Guess ‘ya got to earn a living somehow..Kudos to him for hanging in there.for all of those years……

    • A very interesting story, no doubt. It will be interesting to see if he can hang around for a while. It doesn’t seem easy to get that kachi-koshi.


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