Kyushu 2021: Jonokuchi Match Day 5

Today there were two bouts with the undefeated wrestlers from Jonokuchi: Goseiryu vs Inoue and one-loss Sawanofuji vs Chiyoshishi. The first bout in the video shows Inoue executing his usual game plan. He charged out strongly at the tachiai, driving Goseiryu back to the straw bales where he tried a slap-down. Goseiryu maintained his balance but Inoue kept up the pressure, rotating and flinging the top-seed to the ground. Sukuinage.

Sawanofuji was a cake-walk for the lion, setting up a likely Chiyoshishi vs Inoue bout on Match Day 6. Sawanofuji thus picked up his second loss and is out of the race. However, all wrestlers with one loss are still in the running as long as they can keep winning. If the winner of Inoue/Chiyoshishi loses on Match Day 7, there will be a play-off between 6-1 combatants.

Raiho was never in danger in his bout against Gaia but Gaia put in a laudable effort, as is usual for he and his brother. Wakayutaka got spun around and never recovered so Kawamura stays alive in the yusho race. Wakaonehara also won, getting his arm up behind Sonoshun’s head — on the attack quickly. Though he didn’t have the power for an immediate slap-down win, he shifted smoothly to Plan B and won with a nice throw. Uwatenage! Unfortunately, I missed Daishojo’s bout with Mogaminishiki, but since he picked up his second loss, he fell off pace and out of the yusho group, anyway.

So, the yusho picture comes down to undefeated Inoue and Chiyoshishi with Goseiryu, Raiho, Kawamura, and Wakaonehara trailing with one loss.

Lastly, I’ve added one more fun bout to the end, here, because I’m nice like that. The sandanme yusho race had several familiar names, including Kiryuko, Arauma, Miyagi, and Taiyo. I’ve got Taiyo’s fun slapfest with Daiyusho. Taiyo prevailed and joined Fujitoshi, Arauma, Oginohama, and the sandanme tsukidashi rookie, Kinbozan in the narrowing ranks of the undefeated.

2 thoughts on “Kyushu 2021: Jonokuchi Match Day 5

  1. That was a little bit easier than I expected for Inoue: in the end there was a clear gap in power… and so the jinx continues. The Cub did exactly what we thought he would do, and he has the size and strength to give Inoue a real scrap. My reading of the matchups suggests that the winner will probably square off against one of the 5-1 guys rather than being matched against a jonidan contender but there is a chance that something really odd could happen as there are two Kokonoe wrestlers still in contention for the division 5 title.

    Gaia did remarkably well to be competitive against a man eight years older than him. And as I predicted, he wasn’t in the least inconvenienced by being chucked off the dohyo. f=ma and there wasn’t much “m” involved.

    • It is Inoue vs Chiyoshishi tonight. I presume Inoue will face the winner of Kawamura/Raiho (both have lost to Chiyoshishi) and Chiyoshishi will get the winner of Goseiryu/Wakaonehara (Inoue beat Goseiryu)?


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