Aki 2021: Jonokuchi Match Day 5

The schedulers did not pit Setonoumi against Mifuneyama. Mifuneyama was needed for another bout in Jonidan, against an undefeated Kogomaru so Setonoumi faced Agadzumazakura. Despite the advantage of a matta, telegraphing exactly what Setonoumi was going to do, Agadzumazakura was caught completely wrong-footed and blasted from the dohyo. Mifuneyama’s tsuppari was too much for Kogomaru as the latter rikishi’s knee buckled and he fell backwards. Both men remain undefeated.

There are now four challengers with one loss if they decide to avoid the battle of the undefeated until a possible seventh bout. Kokuryunami made short work of Chiyofuku so I skipped that bout. Instead, I have Kototaiko in an entertaining battle with Tamanotora. Ito then out-leaned Ariake and Watanabe muscled Wakayutaka over the tawara to remain one back.

Leaders: Setonoumi & Mifuneyama

Chasers: Kokuryunami, Kototaiko, Ito, Watanabe

Unfortunately, there was not much to the Byakuen or Kato bouts as they were quickly defeated. Kato seemed to regress a bit, looking like his previous performances in the last tournament. We’ll keep an eye on them going forward but today I’ve decided to add a great bout with Nangu from Jonidan. At first I just wanted to add him to the post because his shiko is usually much better than the average low-ranker. However, he actually won the bout with a nice shitatenage.


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