COVID-19 cluster at Takasago beya


The NSK informed us today that 7 rikishi in Takasago beya have been found positive for COVID-19. They include Takasago oyakata (the former Asasekiryu), Asanoyama, and 5 low-ranked rikishi.

Yesterday (July 26), one of the low-ranking rikishi in the heya started to show symptoms, including a high fever and fatigue. Tested in a medical facility, his result was positive.

Therefore, the next day everybody in the heya has been tested, and then the other six were discovered. They are being isolated, and will go through the usual routine of contact tracing and further instructions from the local health authority.

Asashoryu informs us in his Twitter that he called Takasago oyakata (his friend and companion since arriving in Japan), and that he assured him he was doing well.

Shibatayama oyakata says the NSK doesn’t really know how the infection came about, but that it was likely contracted during the post-basho period, in which rikishi have more freedom to go out. However, they are still supposed to be tested when they come back to the heya. “I would like to remind the rikishi they should take caution”.

We wish the infected rikishi a speedy recovery with no long term effects. And most of all we wish them to get the second vaccination shot

4 thoughts on “COVID-19 cluster at Takasago beya

  1. I’m so disappointed in the Japanese still having only a quarter of its people fully vaccinated here in late July. America is up to half vaccinated and we had a complete moron in power until January.

    • Will you please keep your politics-oriented comments out of the discussion?! I can’t think of a way more destructive to my enjoyment of reading up on the latest in the Sumo world. Please find a forum dedicated to politics and chat away, but leave it at the curb in this forum.

      • Oops. This reply was meant for the first comment, not Herouth’s reply to it. My apologies to Herouth, whose commentaries and insights are always a joy to read.


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