Nishiiwa-Beya Welcomes Four Staff

Four staff members from Minezaki-beya transferred to Nishiiwa-beya at the beginning of this month (4/1/2021), due to the closure of Minezaki-beya. There were two yobidashi, one gyoji, and one tokoyama.

Photo from Nishiiwa Beya’s Line Blog

The two yobidashi are both Juryo yobidashi. Masao (back row, second from left) hails from Yokohama while Hiroyuki (back row, second from right) comes from Aomori. Kimura Kazuma (back row, far left) is a Makushita-level gyoji from Osaka.

Tokoaki, a fourth level tokoyama, is in the back row, on the far right. He’s no slouch in the gym, having a max bench press at 140kg. You read that right. He can bench Kiribayama. That’s more than 300 pounds or 22 stone. He’s a good cook, too. Apparently, he cooks tons of spinach.

Looks like a lot of happy dudes there. Tokinosato is the current heyagashira, the only wrestler in Sandanme. All of the others are in Jonidan.


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