Banzuke Sunday!

That magic day that comes around every 2 months, it’s time for the new ranking sheet from the Japan Sumo Association. It will feature Terunofuji’s return to Ozeki, and the usual re-rack for everyone below. This will also be the first banzuke without Yokozuna Kakuryu since 2014. Of course there is a lot of uncertainty about the mid-Maegashira ranks once more, but if you want to read how our ace prognosticator, lksumo, thinks it might turn out, you can find his thoughts here.

Just a few hours to go!

7 thoughts on “Banzuke Sunday!

  1. I’m wondering if my machine translation of an article written in Japanese was correct. Did Hattorizakura, despite his relentless losing, somehow manage to jump several spots up the banzuke?

  2. There don’t seem to be many surprises. It looks about right, but I’m not an expert on the fine details.

    • Yes. Unless they went and expanded the sanyaku ranks, the overall look is not a huge surprise. Several wrestlers lucked out quite a bit and may find Natsu very challenging. Abi sure got thrown right back into the heat. I am eager to see him against serious Makushita joi contenders.

  3. Does anyone have any news about the last of the vaillant and loyal samurai warrior of the Old Guard…Ikioi ?

    I do recall if i remember correctly that he was kujo on the last basho. While also having fall off the Sekitori rank.

    Does he plan on still continuing despite his age and physical condition, since i do think he is one of the few rare active rikishi to own a kabu. (I think ??)

    • He’s down on the banzuke with Kotoyuki but has not retired yet. I can only assume he wants to heal his injuries and come back but I would not be surprised if he retires.


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