March Banzuke Published

Minutes ago, the Haru banzuke was published on the Japan Sumo Association web site –

Notable tidbits:

  • Kadoban Ozeki Takakeisho is Ozeki 2 East. He has to get 8 wins to retain his rank. There is some well founded concern about his physical condition as he did not participate in the joint training session
  • Terunofuji is Sekiwake 1 East – He is looking for 11 wins to regain the Ozeki rank he lost more than 2 years ago due to accumulated injury and illness.
  • Hatsu yusho winner Daieisho is ranked Komusubi 1 West. Many people had expected that he would be ranked Sekeiwake in March.
  • Onosho is ranked Maegashira 1, his highest since November 2017, following a 9-6 finish in January.
  • Wakatakakage retains Maegashira 2 following being kyujo in January due to COVID in his heya

I expect that lksumo will have his post banzuke analysis later for us to enjoy.

5 thoughts on “March Banzuke Published

    • 9 is never enough for promotion; 10 sometimes is, but a downward trend (13-11-10) doesn’t look great.


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