New COVID-19 outbreak in a heya – 6 rikishi positive

The NSK announces that 6 rikishi, all Makushita or below, have been found positive for COVID-19. Because none are sekitori, their names and the heya were not disclosed.

One rikishi had a high fever yesterday, and when tested, was found positive. Following that, the other members of the heya were tested as close contacts, and 5 additional rikishi were found positive. Those 5 do not have symptoms.

The case has been reported to the local health authority, and the rikishi, who are currently isolating at the heya, will be sent to hotels or care at a hospital according to the local policy.

In an interview to the press, Shibatayama oyakata added that this does not affect the combo practice planned to start on the 20th. The rikishi participating in the combo practice will be tested on the 19th.

We wish all involved a quick and full recovery.

2 thoughts on “New COVID-19 outbreak in a heya – 6 rikishi positive

    • Despite the negotiation, I don’t know that they’ll be prioritized. Risk groups are after the elderly in Japan’s order of vaccination.


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