New Covid infection

Sadly, the worrying news reel goes on. The sumo association released a statement that an unnamed rikishi has tested Covid positive. Fortunately, the wrestler does not have symptoms. We wish him a smooth recovery.

The rikishi belongs to the lower ranks. Few details have been released: he was last at the stable four days prior, and his stable mates are not considered close contacts.


7 thoughts on “New Covid infection

  1. Where did you see the information that he got infected with one of the variants?

    Also, where did you see the information about the association looking for contacts?

    • Can’t add an Embed on the WordPress app, which I don’t understand. Saw that on the official statement that was forwarded on Twitter

      • 新型コロナウイルス / “novel corona virus strain” = Covid-19. The descriptor 新型 is meant to indicate that it’s different from previous corona diseases such as SARS, MERS, etc., and has been used to refer to Covid-19 in Japanese for a full year. It has nothing to do with the variants that have appeared in the last couple of months.

  2. So is this possibly someone who may have caught it while in the Basho?

    A lot of people kind of say they are happy the Basho went off safely but the Truth is Covid takes up to 2 weeks give or take some to show itself and can even not show up on tests for awhile till it develops more. That has been my biggest worry about this. That a Rikishi had it and spread it without anyone knowing.

    • Which is why it is not necessarily good news that the rikishi is not showing symptoms. Asymptomatic bearers of the virus may be one of the main sources of new infections. One such in the basho could infect the whole shebang.


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