Newly retired rikishi

The sumo association just released a list of newly retired rikishi. Always a sad list to watch.

Are concerned:

  • In sandanme: Sd8e Tsukuyusa (from Otake), Sd21w Kotohayato (Sadogatake), Sd31w Joyuriki (Yamahibiki), Sd33e Munakata (Fujishima), Sd60w Kijuin (Kise), Sd68e Miryuzan (Otake)
  • In jonidan: Jd18w Seito (Fujishima), Jd20e Kotokantetsu (Sadogatake), Jd33e Takamiryu (Azumazeki), Jd38w Kotoomura (Sadogatake), Jd46eTochisato (Kasugano), Jd59e Goshinryu (Shihikide), Jd68e Hokutoryu (Tamanoi) and Jd85w Shori (Tatsunami).

So, Sadogatake beya suffers the most from that wave, with three rikishi having departed.

Some concerned rikishi are retiring at quite a young age. Usually, rikishi retire due to age, injury, or lesser known personal reasons. Another potential issue this time is Covid fears: Kotokantestu’s case was made public right at the beginning of last basho:

Among the others, Miryuzan is just 19 and already decided to abort his young career. He actually won his last ever two bouts. Here’s the very last one:

Miryuzan (left) faces Omote (right)

The now former Kise beya resident, Kijuin, has retired at the venerable age of 35. He actually came close to becoming a sekitori, narrowly missing a kashi koshi ranked makushita 2, in September 2015.

We wish all these people a great new career!

8 thoughts on “Newly retired rikishi

  1. I haven’t done the research but I think there are usually quite a few young retirees. These are often men who have decided to have a go at sumo but realised they are never going to make it to the paid ranks and so get out of the game while they’re still young enough to start another career. It isn’t much fun taking an entry-level job in your late thirties.

    • Here are some numbers:

      Retured in Hatsu 2020 under Ms: 9 men
      Hatsu 2019: 18
      Hatsu 2018: 14
      Hatsu 2017: 16

      I think it’s safe to say COVID has surprisingly minumal effect on the number of retirements.

  2. Just a note about Maruchan’s tweets – she posts good quality videos of lower divisions, but she only unlocks her account for short periods. So unfortunately, there is no point embedding her Tweets as they will not show up.

  3. I seriously doubt we can read anything into these retirements, much less their relation to Covid. Yes, they occurred during the craziness but not necessarily due to it.

  4. I think it’s a joke, especially in a time like this, where you force a rikishi to retire because he’s scared of catching a deadly disease… Just let them go kyojo… It’s incredibly heartless to tell someone that you either show up and risk catching a disease that will kill you potentially or quit….

    Sumo is becoming increasingly frustrating with their poor handling of important issues. Injury and Covid are just a few examples. Why it’s not a bigger and more pressing issue is frightening.


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