Ozeki Takakeisho Withdraws From Hatsu Basho

Reports from Tokyo this morning are that Ozeki Takakeisho has withdrawn from the Hatsu Basho as of day 10. His day 10 opponent, Okinoumi, will receive a fusensho / default win and advance to 6-4.

Takakeisho has been struggling since day 1, and it was clear that his pushing attack was, at best, at 80% power. Fans have been speculating that there is some undisclosed injury, possibly the earlier pectoral muscle tear, that was causing his poor performance and his withdraw on day 10. Prior to the basho, there had been talk of a possible Yokozuna bid should he win the Hatsu Basho, satisfying a notional 2 consecutive yusho requirement that is sometimes presented as criteria for promotion. Instead Takakeisho will enter the March tournament, which the NSK hopes to hold in Osaka, as a kadoban Ozeki needing 8 wins to maintain his rank.

For a healthy Takakeisho, this is not a problem. But this would depend on him getting treatment for whatever injury has sapped his power, and being healthy in time to return to competition in March.

Team Tachiai sincerely hopes Takakeisho is able to bounce back and return to his strong and dominant Ozeki ways soon. We will bring news of the injury report as soon as it is published.

11 thoughts on “Ozeki Takakeisho Withdraws From Hatsu Basho

  1. If it’s the lingering pec issue, hopefully he’ll rest until May and do the Ozekiwake recovery again. 10 wins should be the hallmark of an ozeki, anyway. It would be nice to see him back healthy and not struggling again in March.

  2. A real shame. I really like this kid. I wish him a much speedy recovery to whatever is ailing him.

  3. Kyodo News: According to his stablemaster Tokiwayama, the 24-year-old Takakeisho injured his ankle on Day 3 of the 15-day meet at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan, when he lost to No. 1 maegashira Hokutofuji.

    • Presumably when his leg collapsed at the end of the bout. However, he had already lost to Daieisho and Mitakeumi before that, and was already struggling against Hokutofuji. Before the bout, the announcer said “His tachiai hasn’t been great”. The ankle injury isn’t the whole story, but that’s all we are going to get, I suppose.


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