Minato oyakata positive for COVID-19

According to this statement from the NSK, Minato oyakata (Ichinojo’s shisho) felt unwell on December 14th, and took a PCR test, which confirmed that he has contracted COVID-19.

According to his contact tracing, he has not been in the practice grounds with his rikishi for the previous 3 days, and therefore they are not considered “close contacts” and not eligible for official testing. However, the NSK had them all tested privately as an extra measure, and the results will be known later today. We will keep you updated.

Minato himself will be admitted to a medical facility or a hotel according to the local health authority’s instructions.

Minato oyakata is 52 years old. We wish him full and speedy recovery, and we will keep you updated on the results of the heya members’ tests if in when those are made public.

3 thoughts on “Minato oyakata positive for COVID-19

  1. Japan is using a 3-day threshold for considering someone a close contact for possible infection? Interesting. I’m glad the NSK is going the extra mile and testing the stable.

    • I’m not sure if it’s national policy, prefectural policy or local health center policy. Japan is a bit decentralized.

  2. Wow. These are really worrying times, eh? I wish the oyakata and all at his heya the best of health. This pandemic is just so stressing! I’m sure the majority of the blog readers and Tachiai contributors are just as on EDGE as I am. I’m praying for this thing to just GO AWAY somewhere in 2021! Thanks for the news, once again, Herouth.


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