COVID-19 outbreak in Tatsunami beya

Yesterday I reported about three new cases of COVID-19 in an undisclosed heya.

Today, results came in of the tests of 17 heya contacts of those three. And 7 of them tested positive. So the number of infected rikishi has increased to 10, including Akua. So now we know the cluster outbreak is at Tatsunami beya.

Of the three rikishi who tested positive yesterday, one is hospitalized, and the other two are isolating at a designated hotel. The additional 7 have mild or no symptoms, and will also be isolating at hotels.

We will keep updating as news come in, and again we wish everybody a speedy recovery.

5 thoughts on “COVID-19 outbreak in Tatsunami beya

  1. Hoping they’ll be alright… Wish I had some way to show support for them more then sitting here on the East Coast of the U.S. sending thoughts and prayers. Hoping everyone is in fighting shape for the coming Basho ( I know it’s a ways away but covid is a monster ) Get better soon guys!!! HAKKEYOI!!!!!

  2. At least this time we have a precedent. If the stable’s contingent have to sit out the basho they will all get rank protection. I hope that Hanakaze it OK, as an older guy he will be more vulnerable than the youngsters.

    • I don’t think the Tamanoi precedent will need to be invoked, as by the end of December they are all going to be non-contagious. Of course, this will hurt their practice schedule, but I guess that can’t be helped.

      Oh god, I forgot about Hanakaze. I hope he is OK.

    • Apparently, Hanakaze is one of the positives. There is a “rikishi in training” (code for low-ranked rikishi) in his 50s in the list of positives posted by the prefectural government of Ibaraki. But he is listed as asymptomatic.


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