Who is in Trouble after Day 11?

Makuuchi demotion candidates

Absent Kotoyuki will be dropping deep into Juryo. Enho is now alone in the zone of greatest danger, looking for 3 wins in the remaining 4 days. The next demotion tier consists of Yutakayama, Ichinojo, and Sadanoumi, who each need 2 wins for safety. One more white star should do it for Akua and Chiyoshoma, although two wouldn’t hurt, especially for the former. Everyone else has likely locked down a place in Makuuchi for January already, but Kotonowaka, Kaisei, and Terutsuyoshi could use an insurance victory.

Juryo promotion candidates

There aren’t many. J2e Midorifuji (8-3) is probably set for a top-division debut, and one more win should make this a certainty. J1e Akiseyama (6-5) still needs 2 wins, J3e Ishiura (6-5) and J4e Chiyomaru (7-4) need 3, while a few other long-shot candidates need to win out and/or rely on a large number of demotions from Makuuchi.

Juryo demotion candidates

Four second-division slots are guaranteed to open: three via demotions of Abi, Fujiazuma, and Nishikifuji, and one with Kotoshogiku’s intai. Chiyonoumi, Takagenji, and Ikioi stand one win away from safety. Everyone else will stay in the paid ranks.

Makushita promotion candidates

One man certain to make his sekitori debut is Ms1w Naya, who can finish no worse than 5-2. Ms15w Ryuko (6-0) will join him if, and only if, he can best Ms35w Ito (6-0) in the yusho decider. Ms2e Yago (4-2) can finish no worse than 4th in the promotion queue, so with at least 4 Juryo slots opening up, he should be all set. Ms3e Kitaharima (4-2) is in with a win, which would mark a record-tying 9th Juryo promotion for him, and has a decent shot even with a loss. Ms2w Shiraishi (3-3) needs to win and hope for losses by either Kitaharima or Ryuko, or for a 5th slot to open. Three other members of the Makushita joi, all with 3-3 records (Bushozan, Terasawa, Kotokuzan), each need a final-bout victory and help from others to ascend to “heaven.”


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