Who is in Trouble after Day 10?

Makuuchi demotion candidates

Absent M15w Kotoyuki will be dropping deep into Juryo. M11w Enho and M13w Ichinojo both won today, and are now looking for 3 wins apiece in the remaining 5 days to stay in the top division. They are joined at the head of the demotion queue by Sadanoumi. Yutakayama and Akua still need 2 wins. Everyone else has either locked down a place in Makuuchi for January already, or will do so with one more win.

Juryo promotion candidates

J2e Midorifuji (7-3) leads the promotion race. He should secure a much-awaited top-division debut with two more wins, and even one might be enough. J1e Akiseyama (6-4) continues to lumber toward Makuuchi, now needing 2 wins. J3e Ishiura (6-4) also picked up a win and likely needs to go 3-2 or better for a quick return to the top division, as does J4e Chiyomaru (7-3), while everyone else needs to win out and/or rely on a large number of demotions from Makuuchi.

Juryo demotion candidates

Still-suspended Abi will complete his drop out of the sekitori ranks. Winless J14e Fujiazuma got a one-basho reprieve due to the Tamanoi beya COVID situation, but will now be returning to Makushita. J13w Nishikifuji (1-9), who narrowly staved off demotion in September, was unable to do so again, and will also drop. J8w Ikioi (3-7) managed to pick up his 3rd win against the hapless Fujiazuma, although it took two tries, and now probably needs two more to avoid falling out of the salaried ranks. Everyone else is either already safe, or will be with one more win. And of course, another slot in Juryo will open up with Kotoshogiku’s intai. As many as 10 Makushita wrestlers are still nursing hopes of moving up into these 4 or 5 slots, though that number will get pared down tomorrow.

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