Tachiai November Audio Podcast (Part 1)

2020 November Basho (Tokyo) – Banzuke and Rikishi Talk

The Tachiai podcast crew assemble to discuss the upcoming November tournament, re-homed from Kyushu to Tokyo due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In our first of two segments, we cover:

  • Shin-Ozeki Shodai
  • Expected participation of the Yokozuna
  • A super-charged Sanyaku
  • A potential meat-grinder in the upper Maegashira
  • Ura returns to the pink!
  • The injured reserve in Juryo (Ikioi, Kotoshogiku, Shohozan and Ishiura)
  • The battle for heaven in the Makushita joi-jin

Audio this morning, with video posted to YouTube later today.

2 thoughts on “Tachiai November Audio Podcast (Part 1)

  1. Now then lads, don’t be mean about my boy Kagayaki. He is still improving and, at 26, he is entering his prime. He’s very good at what he does, but so far hasn’t been quite good enough at it to make it any higher: and of course he struggles against lateral movement. I’m hoping that the “big train” can keep chugging forward. Prediction: 8-7 and a M1 slot for January.


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