Aki Day 4 Preview

Emergency mode! Bruce has been sequestered in the middle of a mass of code reviews and pull requests. Tonight’s preview is going to be brief, and perhaps above my normal quota for typos, poor grammar and generally poor grasp of the facts.

What We Are Watching Day 4

Ichinojo vs Ikioi – Ikioi pays a visit to his old neighborhood, just to have the local giant rough him up. Ikioi is not off to much of a start, and he gets the nod to fill a banzuke gap left by Kotoshogiku. You know what’s worse? Ichinojo holds a 10-3 career lead over the walking orthopedic case.

Shimanoumi vs Kyokutaisei – Is today the day that Kyokutaisei gets his first ever win against Shimanoumi? Given that Shimanoumi is still looking a bit rusty, this may be his best shot for a while. May I suggest a flying henka? With Ishiura out, I feel a need. No, Big Dan’s on day 3 does not count. He moved like maybe 3 inches at a leisurely pace.

Hoshoryu vs Shohozan – First time match, and it’s just a shame that Shohozan seems to be fading fast. I would love to see what Hoshoryu would do with peak Shohozan. Even dear old Yoshikaze sometimes found “Big Guns” a bit much.

Tobizaru vs Kaisei – Their only prior match was the epitome of a mouse trying to move a boulder. The mouse is faster and stronger, perhaps, but the boulder seems to have gathered some moss.

Chiyotairyu vs Kotoshoho – Chiyotairyu is off to a hot start at 3-0, and I like that they put him up against Kotoshoho. I think Kotoshoho has the smarts and reflexes not to try to endure Chiyotairyu’s “push them up, slap them down” opening move.

Meisei vs Kotoeko – Kotoeko has yet to record a win, and I think he may turn that around today. He has a 7-5 career record against Meisei, and I hope that the man from Miyazaki can get his first win today.

Enho vs Onosho – This may be Enho’s best chance for a win in act 1. Much as I love Onosho, he is wobbly as a weebil, and Enho has the perfect sumo to see if maybe just this time, he can get him to fall down.

Sadanoumi vs Wakatakakage – Both of these rikishi are fast, and tend to lunge in hard at the tachiai. Both have 1-2 records, and I am keen to see this match. I think Kintamayama might have considered this a contender for his ISP match of the day.

Ryuden vs Aoiyama – I am looking for between 2 and 14 matta from Ryuden today. It may be his best chance to bamboozle Big Dan Aoiyama, who after having the brass to deploy a henka on day 3 deserves a bit of razzmatazz. Really, it’s like being henka’ed by an oil tanker.

Tokushoryu vs Kagayaki – Tokushoryu has a 5-1 career advantage and a whole lot of belly on his side of the fight ledger. Kagayaki has solid fundamentals and a height advantage. It’s been a while since we have seen Tokushoryu unleash his magic tsukiotoshi. Let’s hope he takes it out of the case today.

Kiribayama vs Takayasu – Kiribayama’s spotless record is on the line today, against former Ozeki Takayasu. Takayasu got disrupted and beat on day 3, and I would love to see him bounce back. This should be a solid fight. I adore the mass difference here. Should Takayasu fall on him, it could be a life-altering moment for Kiribayama.

Takarafuji vs Tochinoshin – I am looking for full on extend and defend today from Takarafuji, who will work to keep former Ozeki Tochinoshin away from his belt. The longer he can keep Tochinoshin reacting to his sumo, the more it plays to Takarafuji’s favor.

Myogiryu vs Yutakayama – Given how things are going, I expect Myogiryu to win and Yutakayama to go down fighting, but ultimately be unable to produce much sumo. I want Yutakayama to do well, but he’s really not found his sumo this September.

Terutsuyoshi vs Endo – I had to check twice, but I do believe this is the first time these two have ever faced off. Given how Endo is fighting right now, lord knows if he is going to be much of an opponent for Terutsuyoshi.

Daieisho vs Takanosho – Takanosho seems to be expert at lulling his opponents into thinking he’s not going to be “that” tough, then he puts them on the clay or over the bales. Daieisho really needs to focus on his 8 to make sure he can hang onto that 3rd Sekiwake slot.

Okinoumi vs Mitakeumi – Hey, Mitakeumi. Don’t pull!

Shodai vs Terunofuji – The big match for me. Who cares about the score or the career record. I saw a spark of the old Kaiju on day 3, and I want more… More… MORE! Will Shodai unleash some cartoon sumo in response?

Asanoyama vs Hokutofuji – Someday, maybe in November at this rate, Asanoyama is going to pick up his first win. I think Hokutofuji may have overcome his ring rust, and I am certain he is feeling confident after collecting one Ozeki scalp already.

Tamawashi vs Takakeisho – Both are pushers, but that is where the similarity ends. Tamawashi comes equipped with long, powerful arms that can actually reach his own face. He is not quite the storied Tamawashi of old, but I would love to see him give Takakeisho a challenge. Hey, Grand Tadpole. Don’t pull!


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