8 thoughts on “News Update Video – The No-Kozuna Basho

  1. Going to be a couple excellent matchups up at the top of the banzuke the first couple days! Can’t wait to see Teronofuji take on Takakeisho and Mitakeumi for his first two bouts…

  2. I seem to remember some official statement in August that Asanoyama’s jun-yusho wouldn’t be enough to start a yokozuna run. I agree with that. I’m not keen on promotions happening so soon anyway.

  3. I see Hattorizaukra has lost the first match, so maybe all is actually right with the sumo world. And also, maybe – just maybe – poor Hatorizakura is not a morning person, and is so woeful due to all his bouts being early in the day. Were he to ascend the rankings, maybe…

    Nah, this is too unbelievable even for me.


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