Abi hands in intai documents

Japanese press reports that Abi has handed in his intai documents, according to Shikoroyama oyakata.

The board convenes on August 6th to discuss his punishment, and will also decide whether or not to accept his resignation. However, the chances of it not being accepted are said to be slim.

47 thoughts on “Abi hands in intai documents

  1. Hopefully the Board refuses to accept his resignation and imposes some other form of punishment instead. Unnecessarily harsh restrictions can push people too far and they do stupid things as a result. Abi is a personality and has an unconventional fighting style. Sumo benefits from the presence of rikishi like him.

    • Well, the chances of that are estimated as slim. It’s not a first offense, and generally they are accepted, sometimes not immediately, though.

  2. They usually expel (Mongolian) rikishi for much, much less. Sumo is sport for men, not boys.

    • Men….who much follow every single rule to the letter, no matter what, and even slightly going off script gets you shunned and shamed. Men, who must live in a dorm together and have assigned chores, with very few exceptions.
      So men who still attend primary school lol

      • I think you don’t have military experience, do you? You just described the situation in every military camp ever (for low ranking soldiers, that is). In primary school we didn’t have dorms and chores were done by school cleaners, but YMMV.


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