11 thoughts on “Takakeisho Kyujo

  1. Also, I withdraw all my complaints about iffy decisions in his favor if they allow him to avoid further aggravating his injuries.

  2. That means Asanoyama will fight Enho, or better yet Terunofuji. It’ll be fishy if he gets Ryuden.

  3. That also means Daiesho will get his kachi-koshi meaning his rank is secured. With both Sekiwakes also kachi-koshi, all eyes will be on whether Okinoumi can get his 2 more wins for a Sanyuku sweep of kachi-koshis.

    It’s been a while since I seen this happen. Last time it happens was Sep 2019.

  4. I’m so glad Takakeisho managed to clear kadoban. I thought he looked shaky and uncertain most of the tournament. Hope he can recover for the next basho.

    • If four months were not enough… it’s hard to see why it would heal after a two months’ break. But I’m hoping for it too.

      • It’s going to be a short break, too. This tournament’s dates were delayed; we’re going to end in August.

  5. The injury or even re-injury to his knee was plain as day when it happened but just not as bad. Considering his Teacher pulled him when he really was hurt, I’m not surprised to see this and glad to see it. That’s the issues with knees, once you injure them once, they are so easy to re-injure and will likely eventually degrade to the point of needing replacement. You look at Tochi and Terunofuji and you can bet they will both have new knees by the time they get into their 50’s.

    At least he’s Clear of Kadoban for now.

  6. As Daiesho was squatting, I was worried the Shimpan may call a Monoï out of habit.. Glad they didn’t.


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