Abi’s Night Out (Update)

The Japanese media is reporting Abi will not return to the July tournament. He is also exhibiting at least one symptom of COVID, a fever. Multiple outlets report the fever was 37.6 Celsius, 99.7 degrees F. He had gone out with another wrestler from a separate heya who was already kyujo. It has now come out that the other night was not the first “adventure” for Abi, the newly wed, to “a night business” (夜の街) during this pandemic lockdown. He had gone at least once, prior to the tournament.

Night business is a euphemism for the variety of host/hostess clubs and “cabaret” clubs and night clubs around Tokyo. I do want to be clear that this does not mean that Abi went to a brothel or some red light district. A lot of these places are very PG-13 or R-rated. But they CAN be rather seedy and the point of them is to be in close contact with other people. Exactly how close, though, umm…well…that depends and is outside the scope (thankfully) of this update. Let’s just close with the certainty that they’re not the kind of place the Kyokai wants its staff frequenting during a pandemic, and they are often cited by officials as COVID hot spots.

Also, due to my misunderstanding of the type of test he had taken, I incorrectly tweeted that he’d had a PCR test because it wasn’t an antibody test. He’d had, as Herouth correctly noted, an antigen test which are often used when urgent, quick results are needed. One hopes Abi’s antics do not lead to more infections in the sumo world. It is good to see them taking this event seriously and apparently taking appropriate precautions to avoid any spread of whatever ails Abi.

11 thoughts on “Abi’s Night Out (Update)

  1. It is simply astonishing how many professional athletes can’t maintain their quarantine protocol.
    When it first happened with a footballer month ago, I rolled my eyes.
    But then I thought ‘Ok, he acted stupid, but at least now all the other pig heads will see the consequence of that action’.

    It seems every sport has to have at least one idiot…

  2. Really makes you wonder where his priorities are… After being so successful in 2019 he started out this year rather poorly and now, during a tournament that surely wasn’t going the best for him so far, he decides having a party in a dubious establishment would be the right move?
    He’s known as a joyful and carefree guy, but this was dangerous and he should face severe punishment at least from his stable master.

    • This very likely wasn’t a dubious establishment, but rather a kyabakura or a girls bar and in both cases it just means that you are drinking together with one or more girls. The difference is just whether you sit together on a table or on opposite sides of a bar counter. Depending on the establishment you may also enjoy darts or karaoke.
      Obviously very unreasonable to visit at this time, especially as this are know covid hotspots, but not really dubious. If it was anything more than that, with him newly wed …

  3. Really disappointing. You’d think that, after the death of one of their own, all the rikishi would take this virus and its precautions for the serious issue that it is. Especially a headliner like Abi, who stands to lose so much.

    So I guess my question would be, if he does test positive, does the basho stop? I’d think it would have to, since Abi could conceivably have spread the virus in a myriad of ways, to so many other rikishi. And as much as the fans would be disappointed, the JSK would surely be livid at the loss of this much-needed income. I think that might put Abi well beyond slap-on-the-wrist territory.

  4. I am disgusted with Abi, The harm he might have done in so many ways is overwhelming to me. It’s one thing to make a dumb decision that harms himself, but the revelation that he had been out before and went on to interact with everybody involved in this tournament is over the top a-hole. This harms the sport- will they shut down the best basho we’ve seen in quite some time now? How many people, including all of the promising young talent, may have been exposed? Teronofuji, who basically crawled over broken glass to get back may have been exposed. What about the gyoji, not known for their youth? He’s too old for youth to be even an explanation, and a married man to boot. I hope they give him a very serious reprimand. If possible, I would personally give him a Big Dan slap across his smiling face into the next basho.

    • I frankly wonder if he will *have* a next basho; as far as I’m concerned he shouldn’t be allowed to fight again until Shobushi is able to fight again. And I would make that slap not a Big Dan slap, not even a Hakuho slap, but a slap from Ryuden himself. How dare Abi. How dare he.

      • Well…the oyakata can’t get on too high a horse now. Damn scandal meter is going to be updated soon…


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