Abi Kyujo

With Shikoroyama in the broadcast booth, he explained Abi’s sudden kyujo. After his match yesterday, he went out to dinner with a few people. This contravenes the COVID-related precautions. Once ex-Terao found out, he notified the Kyokai and the decision was made to hold Abi kyujo. No timing on the withdrawal was provided but I wonder if it will be the common 14-day quarantine. Mitakeumi will get the freebie win today. Tomorrow’s schedule will be revised since Abi was set to take on Asanoyama.

11 thoughts on “Abi Kyujo

    • Good question if it goes further. I doubt it, unless he actually gets sick. The chances are obviously remote but if he was out and tests positive…oh, boy. He’ll catch hell for it.

  1. I am wondering how common it is for rikishi to socialize during the course of a regular, non-Covid basho?
    I think most professional sports frown on their athletes socializing the night before a contest. It isn’t as if rikishi don’t have a large block of free time when they could socialize between basho.

    • It’s very common for the higher ranked rikishi, AFAIK.

      I recall reading about how Chiyonofuji was well-known for regularly going out drinking and partying with sponsors all night while tournaments were going on. He kept winning anyway, though, so nobody really cared.

    • Actually, the high-ranking ones (sekitori) don’t have that much time to socialize between basho, having Jungyo in most months other than June and February.

  2. Why does Abi keep thinking the rules don’t apply to him??? I’m starting to wonder how far he’ll push before they’ll tell him, “Intai or we kick you out.”

    • Considering Abi is the only sekitori in his stable, with nobody else above makushita, I kind of wonder if he’s got a “Big Man on Campus” thing going on in his head and thinks he’s untouchable until things like the social media ban and this remind him he’s not.

  3. If someone had asked me “Guess which rikishi has been busted for breaking COVID restrictions by going out eating and drinking with his friends?” I would have thought for a few seconds and then replied “Abi?”

  4. Abi is like one of those Kids that gains either some kind of Money or power to young and hasn’t been taught how to be responsible for it.


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