News Brief: Devastating Flooding Hits Japan

While we’re gearing back up for sumo, I do want to point out that parts of Japan are being hit hard by heavy rains and flooding. More than 50 people have died in flooding and landslides. The rains have crippled parts of the island of Kyushu, particularly Oita and Kumamoto prefectures, as well as the mountainous prefecture of Gunma, just outside Tokyo.

Many wrestlers, like the young recruit Taiyo (大海), hail from Kumamoto. Our favorite wrestlers have been hit hard by the coronavirus shutdown and while they’ve been relieved of the long touring duties of Jungyo, that also means they’ve not been able to make their usual visits to their home prefectures. More rain is expected around Tokyo and Kumamoto. The Weather Channel expects rain into the weekend from this front with 10 inches of further accumulation possible.

One thought on “News Brief: Devastating Flooding Hits Japan

  1. Wishing the best for everyone there – I have fond memories of Kumamoto from a few days at the University there, and the ferry station in Beppo, Oita was the first place I saw a bit of sumo on TV.


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