Shiko [四股]

Shiko is one of the fundamental exercises in sumo. During this break in action, the Sumo Kyokai (Japanese Sumo Association) has been posting demonstrations of shiko from many top wrestlers. It is exercise #3 in the Kyokai’s list of “sumo taiso” exercises, and during the pandemic it is also an attempt to help people find exercises they can do at home. Yesterday’s post was of Kotonowaka.

My son has gone a bit soccer mad so we play in the backyard just about every day. My shooting has improved dramatically as this shot went around a tree and just caught the top corner. He thought it was going wide but just curved in. Despite my son’s protests, VAR upheld this goal.

updated with better quality

Every few days I would tweak this one quad muscle that runs down the front of my thigh, and sometimes my groin. So I started doing shiko in the mornings and it actually seems to help stretch that rectus femoris muscle that I think had been giving me so many issues. I also think it helps to stretch my IT band because that does not hurt anymore when I run. The video below was the only one I could find that tried to mention the muscle groups involved. There’s also this entertaining post from the sumo forum. (From 2004! Pre-Abi, Pre-Endo.)

4 thoughts on “Shiko [四股]

  1. I do like the way your boy embraces the true spirit of soccer by arguing with the ref. “No Goal!” Shades of Geoff Hurst’s winner in the 1966 World Cup Final.

  2. Hmmmm…maybe I ought to give Shiko a try. As I have gotten older (and predisposed with joint issues), I have been exercising more (especially with the pandemic; just trying to get in some tennis, jogging, or walking as much as I SAFELY can). I do appreciate the fitness tip, Andy!

    And it is good to see that your recent health scare hasn’t affected your respiratory recovery too much (I hope you have mended fully). Looks like you’re having FUN with your son…so good on you!

    • Thank you. :) Yeah, thankfully I got back to normal pretty quickly. The lockdown has been a big reason to find something to do. Tennis is great and definitely needs the stretches…finding a partner and a decent court are the hard part.

  3. Thanks for that Andy. It’s a shame the physios missed the point of Shiko is to straighten the leg you are standing on rather than the leg you are lifting.
    I’ve been enjoying the Sumo Kyokai series, some lovely Shiko on display. I’m interested that Hakuho’s is so different to everyone else’s with spirals and twists that no one else does. I’d have thought that rikishi would have tried to emulate the best but I guess they all do their own brand of shiko😜

    I have a bad back and have found shiko very beneficial if done rather more gently than the demonstrations. Doesn’t really help with the sumo withdrawal symptoms though.☹️


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