Sandanme Wrestler, Shobushi, Dies of COVID-19

Shobushi, whose name is Suetake Kiyotaka, has died at the age of 28.

The sumo world mourns his loss and is rocked by the news.

The official statement from the Kyokai was very brief and provided few details. More detail is provided in this Japan Times article, including the detail that he had been the first positive case in sumo, on April 10 and he was sent to the ICU on April 19. Six more men from Takadagawa stable, including its master, later tested positive.

Kyodo News also reports that the Kyokai will begin antibody testing to understand who else may have caught the virus in the past. I hope this is paired with broader testing of active infections, as well. We have seen that people may be asymptomatic or only have mild symptoms.

Tachiai extends our condolences to Shobushi’s family and friends.


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