Kyokai Prepares to Cancel Natsu 2020

Weird headline, no? You were probably expecting something like, “Natsu 2020 cancelled.” The Japanese Government is expected to extend the state of emergency, making even the delayed May tournament untenable. The current state of emergency is scheduled to expire on May 6, the end of the Golden Week holiday.

All eyes turn to Nagoya and the tournament currently scheduled for July. As Osaka was far away from the unfolding spring drama of the Diamond Princess outbreak, maybe a tournament away from Tokyo will be more likely to occur. However, such an event would require uprooting all of the stables from their Tokyo locations.

The formal decision about Natsu is still expected Monday and Tachiai will bring the details, as well as implications for events from Nagoya 2020 and beyond.

4 thoughts on “Kyokai Prepares to Cancel Natsu 2020

  1. Once Abe went to extend the state of emergency, our chances for sumo were quite long indeed. Going to be a lot of ring rust in July (if then).

  2. I know a lot of people might be disappointed but this is 100% for the best. Not only does it keep the Rikishi safe, but those Rikishi that have been nursing injuries and struggling and falling because of them. Like Tochinoshin, Takayasu, Takakeisho, Tamawashi and more, this us really going to be a good thing. Now, I realize there might be a lot of rust on them, but there will hopefully be a fully healthy crop when they return.

  3. I wouldn’t refer to the July tournament as “Nagoya” at this stage. It seems unlikely that there would be a green light from the government by then to hold large events with crowds in attendance, so if July does happen, it’s likely to be closed doors. If it’s held with closed doors, then there is no reason for it to even be in Nagoya. The whole point of going to difference cities is for the people who live in those areas to attend. If it’s no spectators, then it could be anywhere, so I’d just keep it in Tokyo at their own venue (save rental cost of the Nagoya venue?). You also go through the pain of moving all of the stables, and potentially bringing an infection with you. What kind of PR disaster would it be if there was a new infection cluster in Nagoya that was traced back to the Kyokai bringing it there? So my bet is that if there is a July basho in any form, that it will be in Tokyo behind closed doors.


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