Chiyomaru Tests Negative For Corona Virus

Since the weekend, the sumo world has been waiting to read the results of a test for COVID-19 from none other than fan favorite, Chiyomaru. Over the weekend, the Kokonoe sekitori developed a fever, that actually went as high as 40°C (104°F). He was initially tested for influenza, which returned negative. Following that test, he was given a PCR test for COVID-19, which Tachiai has learned was negative.

Had he tested positive, the basho would have ended day 10. But thanks to Chiyomaru, and the Great Sumo Cat of the Kokugikan, the basho continues!

10 thoughts on “Chiyomaru Tests Negative For Corona Virus

  1. Not only doses chiyomaru test negative, he also comes back and. Spoilers

    Hakuho loses so the basho just got way more interesting


  2. That’s a concerningly high temperature, though. Tests notwithstanding, I hope he’s okay. Cellulitis, was it?

    • Seriously. I agree. I hope he gets well. I’ve been laid up the last few days and a 40C fever is no joke.


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