12 thoughts on “A Rare Double Henka Sighting!

  1. Can anyone explain me how that Kotoshoho vs Chiyoshoma could be gives to Kotoshoho? In all replays he clearly touches outside first. Chiyoshoma jumps into the air, lands on the tawara again and by the time he steps Kotoshoho touched ground for ages already.

      • I would assume that his jumping, the fact that his body was in an “unrecoverable state” (i.e. he was on his way out of the ring to the floor), and that he wasn’t using an offensive move when he exited the dohyo all potentially play a part in this decision. I am also confused about why Kotoshoho won.

      • A guy in the comments wrote, “head shimpan explains that his feet were in the air before kotoshoho fell, so Chiyoshoma was deemed a dead body at that point, because even though he still found the tawara with his foot, he was falling outside already”. Auto-translated auto-subtitles on the video seem to confirm as much by stating, “The use prize horse was flying first”.

        • I assumed it would be something like that, but I think its kinda a bold move to say that allready at that the first jump he is in an unrecoverable position.
          I guess calling a torinaoshi wasn’t possible for technical reasons, if you don’t want to give it to Chiyoshoma.
          Doesn’t look like Kotosho actually need this kind of support. His sumo is really impressive this basho.

    • It’s a long term plan to make people feel sorry for Chiyoshoma and start rooting for him. I had to cancel last year’s annual general meeting of the Chiyoshama Appreciation Society as the other member couldn’t make it.

      • I was watching with my parents who don’t normally watch sumo. The only explanation I could give was that they review close calls with the benefit of TV replays but then often come to the wrong decision anyway

  2. Have two rikishi ever both leaped to the same side of the dohyo and crashed into each other sideways?


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