The Haru Banzuke is Live!

You can see the whole thing here. No giant surprises, but some minor ones: Tokushoryu was promoted all the way up to M2w, and Kotonowaka will make his Makuuchi debut at M18w, with Kotoyuki demoted to juryo. I’ll post a full analysis in a couple of hours.

8 thoughts on “The Haru Banzuke is Live!

  1. Surprised about the Kotoyuki demotion, presumably they felt they had to follow the precedent from demoting Tomokaze

  2. standing by for the full analysis
    do you reckon we’ll actually have naru?

    the chances are slimming down
    now i’m becoming more concerned that two or more basho in a row may be canceled

    • I’m more worried about May. Unless anything really changes in the next week, Osaka hasn’t seen much of the coronavirus. Kanto, on the other hand…


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