Fuji TV Tournament Video!

Huge thanks to Kintamayama for coming out of retirement for this one. Lots to enjoy here. Some of the Hatsu basho stars carried over their strong form. Some of those who struggled in January showed amazing recovery, while others continued to look helpless. Many fun bouts. Will we see Hakuho vs. Enho? Watch to find out!

20 thoughts on “Fuji TV Tournament Video!

  1. Aminishiki still has enough hair to make a nice little top-knot. He must be combing it up from his armpits by now. I bet Hakuho and Enho have been planning that one for a while: I know this is 2020 but the term “LOL” seems appropriate in this context.

  2. Goodness, gracious. We are going to miss Hakuho soooooooo much when he finally does retire. All those bouts we watched and only one was memorable. Every time he steps in the circle, he does something interesting or fun or something you’ve never seen before. The guy is such a hoot. In a sport that tries its damnedest to eradicate the competitors’ personalities, Hakuho, day in and day out with every single competition, remains larger than life and in my very humble opinion, larger than the sport.

    • Are you still gonna bother watching sumo when Hakuho is gone? Serious question; I remember quite a few American fans who quickly dropped off the fan map once Akebono and then Musashimaru had left. Your way of talking about the sport is quite reminiscent of them.

      • I myself will continue to watch sumo, but without Hakuho I will definitely not be as enthused about it.

      • I have been a big fan of Kisenosato (since long before he became Yokozuna) and when he left it seemed like the torch was seamlessly passed to Takayasu, but then injury stroke again. I still watch sumo (and hope for Takayasu to recover), but I’m also hoping for some new guy to show up or some established guy emerging as my next hero. There is still a difference in just following something interested and in really rooting for someone. A lot of my guys have just left or are so much in decline, that I’m more rooting for them to not get further injured rather than winning atm. It’s just a transition period and for me it’s the first one, since i kinda started following sumo in 2009 ;)

  3. Good to see Takayasu in good form and win. Lets’ see if he has it in march.
    That was a lot of fun.

  4. Thanks, Kintamayama! I was so happy to find the video waiting for me this morning :)
    That was a fun little tournament. A big THANK YOU to Tachiai for blogging about it. I’ve been watching sumo for 4 years or so now and I can’t believe I had never heard of this tournament. (Especially since it’s been going on at least 43 other times!)
    Question: Does this tournament happen around the same time each year? Same place? (Sorry if those questions were answered elsewhere already.)

  5. Takayasu left no doubt whose cup that is, but overall this wasn’t too exciting sumo. Thanks to Abi (or better Tsurugisho) and Ishiura for some artistic stuff. Obviously no Honbasho, but Onosho continues to look like he found his balance back.

  6. I bet Hakuho doesn’t let Enho win so easily in daily training, but he did make Enho work a bit for that throw position, and I don’t doubt he would have delivered his own throw or done a force-out if Enho had been incautious enough to allow it. Once Enho was in position Hakuho wisely let his deshi complete the technique, avoiding risking an injury to either of them.


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